K2Day Family

K2Day Family

K2Day Family

The wonderful combination of vitamin D3 & vitamin K2 for all age groups.

Introduction about vitamin D

Vitamin D is a key player in your overall health. The name is misleading — it isn’t actually just a vitamin at all but the father of vitamins that influences nearly 3,000 of your 25,000 genes in your body.

Vitamin D has a great effect in treatment or prevention of many diseases including:

Cancer, Hypertension, Heart disease, Obesity, Rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes 1 and 2, Multiple Sclerosis, Cold & Flu, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Signs of aging, Eczema & Psoriasis, Insomnia, Muscle pain, Dental Cavities, Periodontal disease, Osteoporosis, Pre eclampsia, Asthma, Cystic fibrosis, Migraines, Depression, Alzheimer’s disease.

What must we know about vitamin D3?

  • Vitamin D3 has several benefits for human health but the body does not get enough of it as it is manufactured in the skin exclusively under sun exposure and that requires our bodies to be exposed to the sun on daily basis.

  • Therefore, K2Day products contain a sufficient amount of vitamin D3 to compensate its common deficiency.

  • Basically, Vitamin D3 is responsible for Calcium absorption from the intestine but vitamin D3 can’t deposit Calcium into bones without the help of its partner which is vitamin K2.

  • So, vitamin D3 is considered essential for healthy bones formation during pregnancy in addition to other multiple benefits for both mother & fetus.

  • Vitamin D3 is extremely important for boosting immunity as it enables the immune system to produce anti-microbial peptides.

  • Therefore, it is used to treat and prevent infections with all its types and physicians prescribes it for prevention and treatment of immunodeficiency diseases.

  • Vitamin D3 is beneficial as well in diabetes prevention & treatment, hypertension & cardiovascular health and reducing asthma attacks.

Introduction about vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 may very well end up being as important for you as vitamin D, as research continues to illuminate the growing list of its benefits for your health. Vitamin K2 is probably where vitamin D was ten years ago, with respect to its appreciation as a vital nutrient that has far more advantages than originally thought.

And, according to one of the world’s top researchers into vitamin K2, nearly everyone is deficient in it just like most people are deficient in vitamin D.

Vitamin K2 has a great effect in treatment or prevention of many diseases including:

Arterial calcification, cardiovascular disease, and varicose veins, brain health problems, including dementia, osteoporosis, tooth decay, prostate cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, leukemia and infectious diseases such as pneumonia.

What must we know about vitamin K2?

Menaquinone 7 is the best form of vitamin K2 globally and extracted from 100% natural source and it plays the coming roles:

  • Basically, Vitamin K2 is responsible for two important roles:

1) Inhibition of Calcium deposition on the inner wall of arteries and blood vessels. That is why vitamin K2 is responsible for protecting blood vessels and keeping them flexible and healthy.

2) Calcium and minerals deposition in bone tissue and therefore it improves bone building and increases bone density & bone rigidity.

  • Vitamin K2 is the partner of vitamin  D3. That is why they complete each other as previously mentioned.

  • Moreover, vitamin K2 improves cells sensitivity of Insulin and this reflects its role in diabetes prevention & treatment.

  • Vitamin K2 deficiency is also common, so as to get 45 mcg of vitamin K2 from diet you have to get one of the following foods:

           -4 kg of meat.

           -5 liters of milk.

           -8 yolks of egg.

Which is not practically possible on daily basis.



As a conclusion, a daily supply of vitamin D3 & K2 is essential for humans in general to maintain healthy life and is more essential for us who live in Gulf area where naked skin sun exposure on daily basis is not possible.

K2Day brand with its 5 products is the ideal choice for that purpose because:

  • It contains all range that covers all age groups with different health conditions.
  • Ideal amounts of the combination vitamin D3 & K2 as per international standers.
  • High quality as a USA product manufactured in a GMP certified factory.