What is Nozoil?

Nozoil is a natural nasal spray to relieve symptoms of nasal dryness & crusting and to moisturize dry & irritated nasal tissue by the benefits of sesame oil & vitamin E.

External features

  • Nozoil is a white plastic bottle fitted with a metered pump nasal spray applicator.

  • In a sealed cartoon box for more safety.

  • With an insert leaflet inside each box.

  • Made in Australia, ENT Technologies.


  • Medical grade natural Sesame oil 1ml/ml.

                Sesame oil contains:

                             – Sesamum indicum which has natural lignans, Sesaminol, and Sesamin which potentiate healing.

                             -Rich in the natural form of vitamin E with its protective properties.

  • Hydroxy benzoates as a preservative.





  • Nozoil is used to relieve nasal dryness and crusting from:

    1)Cold and flu

    2)Using nasal steroid sprays

    3)Changes to nasal tissue associated with old age  

    4)After nasal cautery

    5)Other medication such as isotretinoins

    6)Dry air in aircraft cabins

    7)CPAP or oxygen therapy

    8)Radiotherapy to head and neck

    9)After nasal surgery

    Dose & administration:

  • Adults:

                  1-2 squirts per each nostril 2-3 times daily.

  • Children under 12 years:

                  1 squirt per each nostril 2 times daily.